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Want more customers to read your catalogues and brochures…?

18 Nov Posted by in News | Comments
Want more customers to read your catalogues and brochures…?

With the festive season just around the corner, now’s the time when retailers and service providers start posting out catalogues and brochures ready for the purchasing onslaught.  Around the world, billions of catalogues and brochures are starting to drop on to home and commercial doorsteps.  In fact, recent reports state that last year in the United States of America alone, in the region of 20 billion ‘hard copy’ catalogues and brochures were distributed via traditional mail routes.  And this is costing multi-national corporations and SMEs billions in terms of postage, transport, man-hours and resources.

However, the world is changing.  And with its continuing shift in focus to all things digital there’s a steady, yet very noticeable increase in the popularity of electronically distributed catalogues and brochures.

Fashion brands and retailers are one of the major catalogue and brochure distributors.  With fashions changing every season plus, of course, the sales and clearances, it’s hardly surprising that it’s a constant postage cycle.

What is interesting, though, is that whilst numerous businesses – and not just the fashion brands and retailers – continue to bombard doorsteps with the seasonal catalogues and brochures, there’s a thought-provoking trend developing in consumer behaviour.  Our lives are becoming increasingly hectic and, as a result, we simply don’t have the time any longer to sit and peruse catalogues and brochures over a cup of tea, at our leisure.

We want things now.  Life is immediate.  So from the latest item of fashion clothing, to cosmetics, home ware, DIY, technology and food etc., we want to be able to place our order at the touch of a button on our PCs, iPads, tablets or mobile phones.  Furthermore, reports are suggesting that consumers’ preference is to have access to digital publications, catalogues and brochures on portable devices, such as iPads, tablets and mobile phones.  Touch screen technology means that shoppers are able to flick through the pages of a digital publication with ease, and they can zoom in and out to view specific items, as well as quickly and easily purchasing online too.

Whilst there is still a proportion of consumers who do actually prefer hard copy catalogues and brochures, it appears that they would rather receive them upon request as opposed to having them land on their doorsteps once every few weeks.  And this is good news for the multi-national corporations and SMEs too.  That’s because not only will postage, transport, print and labour costs be negated.  But digital publications prove to be outstanding value for money as they demonstrate impressive scales of economy, they are quickly and easily distributed to global recipients at the touch of a button – and going digital is much better for the environment too!

In addition, businesses which choose digital page turn technology will benefit from enhanced reader engagement analytics and statistics.  This means it’s easy to track how many customers opened the catalogue or brochure, which pages were of most interest, how many recipients clicked on a link, and how many times the information was shared.  It also shows drop off rates, as well as geographic locations, and reader habits.

Is digital page turn technology for you…?

At DigitalIssue, we’re one of the UK’s most trusted providers of digital page turn technology: we transform existing hard copy catalogues and brochures into highly professional, easy to distribute and impressive cost-effective digital publications.

We’re also specialists in creating exceptional and highly functional digital publications that make your money work hard, increase sales, and encourage customer retention.

So talk to the DigitalIssue team today by calling us on 01978 722900 or clicking digital catalogues and brochures to send us an email.  Alternatively, for further information about DigitalIssue and the business benefits of digital online publications, including the latest digital page turn technology, versatile features and an enhanced reader experience, please visit


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