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And why will a digital online publication save and make you money…?

11 Feb Posted by in News | Comments
And why will a digital online publication save and make you money…?

For a start, it’s digital which means you can send it immediately to a prospective customer the moment they enquire about your products or services. Your prospective customer is more likely to order from you as you’ve responded fast, impressed them with good customer service – and they’ve not had time to ‘cool off’.

There are no costly postage or courier charges. Or any delays either: Delivery is instant. And it’ll save your administration team time too as it’s quicker to press ‘send’ than it is to package up a brochure or catalogue.

Furthermore, by choosing a digital online publication over traditional print you’ll make massive savings on printing charges. And, don’t forget, the more you distribute your online publication, the cheaper the unit cost becomes, which subsequently increases your return on investment. That’s because it boasts impressive scales of economy versus traditional print which has a fixed price per unit.

Interested in saving and making money? Simply upload HERE your PDF publication now for a FREE demo. Or call the DigitalIssue team today on 01978 722900.


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